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Thursday, September 9, 2010


The only thing i could think when i herd the "news" about this radical "pastor" was WTF!? Ok, Freedom of Speech all power to you dude, but seriously offending someones religion. I think its ok to criticize sure someone will always get bombarded with shit but directly burning the holy book of the Muslims WTF!? Ok, so basically he thinks that this is a message to all RADICAL Muslims out there, Dude seriously your fucking everyone up either radical or not. I think that as a Roman Catholic myself if someone burned the bibble i would probably say the same WTF!? sure i would have a reason to get angry and what not but you are talking about the Koran... The Koran to the Muslims is like BIG haha.. So i recently saw that it made BIG news all over the world to the point that Muslims were trowing strikes cus of this in the USA... And i also recently herd that they managed to put him down to not do the International shit thing with fear tactics telling him that Radical Muslims would attack if he did something like this... 

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  1. Someday, humanity will have progressed to the point where shit like this one even be a big deal.
    "Oh, who cares!?"
    "It's just a symbol, and he can't think whatever he pleases, so long as he doesn't hurt anyone"

  2. butts


  3. Yeah, but even though he didn't do it, he's still (in)famous now. This means all the religious nutjobs will come to his church and he will get more money anyway.


  4. I ouldn´t get angry if a moslem wanted people to burn the bible.

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  10. Oh wow thats crazy how does he get away with that?

  11. i believe in the batman
    i think it is sacred, but if you own a batman comic, do you have the right to burn it?

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  13. its a double standard, there are plenty of videos of groups from other countries burning our flag and the christian bible, but do we do or say a single damn thing about it? NO! As a former US Marine I say burn the fuckin things. interesting thing is tho, when you buy the koran to burn it, where does that money go? the guy went about his protest the wrong way. followin and supportin