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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terrible Night!

Ok so basically i live in South est part of Texas... There was a tropical storm coming right toward me. Out of nowhere my school cancels classes for a TROPICAL STORM... F.Y.I my school didn't close for the H1N1 outbreak. -.-

Ok at this point i don't know if i should feel lucky or my luck is just falling into little pieces. This weeks is my Homecoming Week at school. So let me give you the run down... Monday  was Labor Day and Tuesday was cancel so that just cuts my school spirit into half and just to top it all off, I don't have a Homecoming Date... So basically ill invite a girl on Wednesday if everything comes out good... FUCK

Ok, Now the fun part....

The power down my street went off at around 11 pm thanks to the Storm, So i was like yea fuck it it does that all the time, time for quality time with the family watching the rain. I pour myself a whiskey with my parents and a cigarette they were surprised but didn't say anything so COOL!!! 

So everyone goes to sleep and i had to open the windows cus the A/C wasn't working at all... So after rolling like 9000 times on my bed i finally get to sleep and around 5 am BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! the power comes back...

and for the luck of all... ALL THE LIGHTS IN MY HOUSE WENT ON! -.-



  1. glad to see that you are beating inertia today!

  2. That's not so terrible. If it was raining acid and your house melted, that would be cause for concern.

  3. sorry to hear about ur troubles. I got a cool blog of SC2 strategy, check me out =)


  4. thanks for the insightful comments on my blog... best of luck on yours!

  5. you never let me down, mate. keep on posting good content on your blog. it's a pleasure to read it!

  6. We got a lot of rain from that storm in DFW today. I still had to go to class though :(

  7. Atleast you didnt see a witch cackling maniacally while riding a bike :p

  8. for some reason I find that picture horrifying

  9. instead of talking to girls play video games. its far more entertaining and worth while.

  10. great insight. Also supporting and following.

  11. That last part SUCKS lol. Those lights must've blinded you. Fuck your life man!

    much love bro


  12. well the good part was good atleast xD

  13. didn't read
    but god i love that picture